How Finebite reservations work?

Finebite reservations include a 50% discount on a la carte menu. Therefore we hereby ask you to share your experience in the questionnaire provided afterwards.

What is included in the discount?

All restaurants guarantee a 50% discount on a la carte menu. Discount is not given on alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks unless the offer says different. Discount is not given on meals from outside the menu, special offers and tasting menu.

Why such a discount?

To get an opportunity to explore the cuisine of the restaurant and feedback owner in the provided questionnaire. Reservations are made mainly outside the peak time and quantity limited.

How to make a reservation?

Choose the day that suits you best in the application. Browse available reservations and select an offer. Make a reservation fee and wait for confirmation of the transaction. That's all!

What is reservation fee?

The booking fee is charged by Finebite and is not included in the bill. Not refundable if the offer is not used.

What happens with the reservation fee?

The reservation fee is charged when the reservation is confirmed in the App. It is a one-time, each time non-returnable fee. It is not included in the bill received in the restaurant.

What is reservation with the beer or wine?

For some offers, getting a 50% discount on dishes requires the purchase of a bottle of wine (at least a bottle per table) or a beer tasting set (one for each guest). Drinks are not included in the discount.

Can I change the reservation date?

Reservations are strictly available during the hours specified in the booking offer descriptions only. Changing the date and time of the reservation is not possible.

Do I have to inform the restaurant?

Absolutely not. Everything happens automatically and the restaurant will receive information before your visit. You don't have to worry about anything.

What shall I do in the restaurant?

Please inform the restaurant staff that the reservation has been made at Finebite and provide your name. Restaurant staff may ask you to show the application with your booking confirmation. Remember to remind about Finebite also when requesting the bill. That's all!

How to pay in the restaurant?

Your restaurant bill will be reduced by 50% for all ordered dishes. Pay for it as always - with a card or cash. We suggest leaving a tip for good service.

What about tips?

Tips are not mandatory but warmly welcome if the service was good.

Do I have to show my smartphone?

It is not mandatory and usually not needed to show your smartphone. However, restaurant Staff may ask you to do so to confirm your booking.

What new reservations appear?

Every day at midnight new reservations appears in the App. Reservations are available up to 7 days prior. Check often and make quick decisions.

When can I make my reservation the latest?

Offers disappear automatically at 11 am of the day of the reservation.

How many guests are included in the reservation?

Your reservation includes a maximum of 2 or 4 guests depending on the restaurant chosen. You can choose the exact number of guests at the time of booking in the application.

Can more guests come?

In case of exceeding number of guests, restaurant has a right to not provide with the 50% discount. We encourage to visit restaurants with larger groups outside Finebite App.

Can I come with a child?

By all means, though, please choose your location carefully. Children under the age of two are not included, while older children should be considered when choosing the number of guests.

Is it necessary to fill out the questionnaire after your visit?

After each reservation, you will receive a survey, which must be completed to make another reservation. We ask about impressions from the visit and hope for honest and reliable answers. It will later be anonymously sent to the restaurant.

Do I have to post a review?

We encourage you to share your feedback with the restaurant by filling out the questionnaire and to post your public opinion on the restaurant's Facebook profile or on TripAdvisor.

What if I will not come?

Be sure to find your reservation in the application and click edit to cancel the reservation. Failure to cancel the reservation may result in the account being blocked.

What if I made the reservation by accident?

Cancel your reservation as soon as possible. Reimbursement of the reservation fee is not possible, but the cancellation of the reservation up to 24 hours before its date allows you to use half of the reservation fee made for the next reservation.

How many times can I make a booking in the same restaurant?

Finebite table can be booked once in 6 months at the same restaurant. However, every day you can reserve a table in another of over 500 places! If you liked the restaurant, we encourage you to visit again outside Finebite.

What if reservation time passed?

When your booking deadline expires, it is lost. It is not possible to move the reservation to another date or to another restaurant.