How Finebite reservations work?

Reservation made with the Finebite app allows you to try all dishes from the menu with a 50% discount. In return, we kindly ask you for reliable answers to the survey questions regarding your dining experience.

What does the discount include?

Our restaurants guarantee 50% discount on all dishes from the menu. The discount does not apply to drinks and alcohol, unless the description of the offer indicates such a possibility. The discount does not apply to special dishes and offers, including the tasting menu.

Why such a discount?

Our restaurants guarantee 50% discount on all dishes from the menu. The discount does not apply to drinks and alcohol, unless the description of the offer indicates such a possibility. The discount does not apply to special dishes and offers, including the tasting menu.

What are the conditions to receive a discount?

The only condition for receiving a discount is to order drinks (any drink in case of standard reservation -50%; in the case of others, according to their type, e.g. with wine).

How to book a reservation?

Select the day that suits you best in the app, then browse the available tables and choose something for yourself. Pay for the reservation and wait for the confirmation of the transaction - It’s that easy!

What is the booking fee?

The reservation fee is collected by Finebite and is not included in the restaurant bill. This is the only amount charged by Finebite during the entire reservation, which is used for our work and further development of the application. The fee is not refundable if the reservation is not fulfilled.

What happens to your booking fee?

This fee is charged at the time of booking in the Finebite app. It is a one-time, non-refundable fee. It is not included in any way in the bill you receive at the restaurant. We spend it on the operation, development of the application, and the work of our team.

How does booking with a glass of wine/cocktail/tea/etc work?

In the case of some offers, obtaining a 50% discount on dishes requires the purchase of a drink - alcoholic or non-alcoholic. In offers with cocktails, with wine, with a glass of wine, with Prosecco, with Riesling, with beer, with coffee, with tea, the 50% discount does not apply to a given drink - to get a discount on a la carte dishes, you must pay the full price for the drink listed in offer.

Can I change the time or date of the reservation?

It is not possible to change the date or time of the reservation outside of those available in the application. You can only cancel the reservation and choose another table, with a more suitable time or on a different day.

How to cancel a reservation?

Find “Your bookings” in the user menu, then select the one you wish to cancel, scroll down the page a bit, and select "edit or cancel". In case of cancellation at least 24 hours before the reservation time, half of the paid booking fee will be returned to the virtual account in the application and will remain to be used for the next purchase.

Do I have to inform the restaurant?

The restaurant receives a message with the details of your reservation on the day of its execution - there is no need to contact the restaurant directly. Exceptions may be special adaptations, e.g. if you want to request a high chair for a small child or one of the guests is a person in a wheelchair who needs more space at the table.

What should you do at the restaurant?

Inform the staff that the reservation was made through Finebite and provide your name. Restaurant staff may ask you to show the app to confirm your reservation. If needed, remind the staff about Finebite when requesting the bill.

How to pay in the restaurant?

Your restaurant bill will be reduced by 50% for all dishes or cocktails ordered (depending on the type of booking). Pay for it as always - by card or cash. At your request, the staff can issue an invoice - just like during a regular visit.

What about tips?

It is worth remembering them, although it is an individual matter. We suggest leaving a tip as a thank you for a pleasant time. It's certainly nice to receive them, and the saved amount is conducive to it.

When do new bookings appear?

Further bookings are unlocked at midnight, so for example: after midnight on the night from Wednesday to Thursday you can book for Thursday next week. The exception is extending the visibility of the reservation - you might unlock visibility for a certain number of days or until a certain date, depending on the input code. From time to time, we enable access to extended visibility of offers - it is worth hunting for such an opportunity by following our social media. We encourage you to frequently browse the available offers, as well as to book them quickly.

When is the latest time I can make a reservation?

Offers disappear automatically at 11:00 on the day of the respective booking.

How many people is the booking for?

Your booking can be up to 4 people, depending on the restaurant you choose. You must select the exact number of people when making a reservation in the application, but if the number of guests changes, you can correct it yourself by editing the reservation in the user menu.

Can more people come?

If you bring more than the selected number of people, the restaurant is obliged to refuse to grant a 50% discount. It is also not possible to combine Finebite reservations with non-reserved guests, as this creates misunderstandings about the bill. We encourage group visits outside our app.

Can I bring a child?

Absolutely, although we ask you to choose the place carefully. Our application also includes offers of premises intended only for adults. Children under the age of two are not included, but older children must be taken into account when choosing the number of guests.

Is it necessary to complete the survey after the visit?

After each booking, you will receive a survey which must be completed in order to make another booking. We ask about impressions from the visit and hope for honest and reliable answers. It will then be anonymously sent to the restaurant.

Do I have to leave a review?

We encourage you to post a public review on the restaurant's Facebook, TripAdvisor or Google profile, and add a link or screenshot of your review in the app. This is not the user's obligation, but we appreciate the involvement of users in the development of the application.

If I don't make it on time, what then?

Acceptable lateness for a visit is 15 minutes - after this time the restaurant has the right not to process the reservation. If you know your plans have changed and you won't arrive on time or at all, be sure to find your booking in the app and click “edit or cancel” to cancel your booking. Repeated failure to cancel the reservation may result in blocking the account.

What if I forgot my reservation and it’s past the date?

When the date of your booking passes, it is lost. It is not possible to postpone the reservation to another date or to another restaurant. The application reminds you about your reservation 24 hours in advance, and all reservations you have purchased are visible in the "Your reservations" tab in the user's menu along with the date and time.

What if I book by mistake?

Please cancel your reservation in the app as soon as possible. Refunding the reservation fee is not possible, but if you cancel up to 24 hours before its date, half of the reservation fee will be sent back to your virtual account.

How many times can I book the same restaurant?

You can book a Finebite once every 6 months in a given restaurant. Every day you can book a table in one of our almost 600 places! If you like a particular restaurant, we encourage you to visit it again outside our app.

How many times can I make a reservation?

You can book a Finebite reservation in a given restaurant once every 6 months. Every day you can book a table in another of almost 600 places in Poland and more! You can visit more than one place during the day, but visits must be at least 3 hours apart. If you like a particular restaurant, we encourage you to visit it again outside our app.

What if I have another question/problem?

Write to us in the app’s chat - we’re there to help you every day from 10AM to 6PM 🙂